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Schnucks Rewards is a program that allows you to earn Points every time you shop for money off your next purchase. Earn 10 Points for every $1 you spend at Schnucks! At 1,000 Points, you’ll automatically receive $2 to use on your next shopping trip. But that’s not all.

From money-saving Rewards Points and exclusive coupons, to our time-saving shopping list and delivery, the Schnucks Rewards app is changing the way you think about shopping at Schnucks.

Have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for more information.
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The Schnucks Rewards shopping list is organized based on your home store to make shopping a cinch! Plus, it’s customizable, shareable and remembers your recent purchases.
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From heart smart to gluten free, the Schnucks Rewards wellness icons will make it easy to create lists and shop for your family’s dietary needs.
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The Schnucks Rewards app gives you exclusive savings! Look for over 100 new coupons every week that can be searched and sorted by category. Clip, shop and save with a single touch.
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Schnucks Rewards pays you back for being a loyal customer. Earn Points every time you shop for money off your next purchase. Download today and start racking up those Points!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Schnucks Rewards

What is Schnucks Rewards?

Schnucks Rewards is a program that allows you to earn Points when you shop at Schnucks. Then, you can redeem those Points for money off a future purchase. During special weeks, you can also earn free items, additional item discounts and double Points!

How can I join?

If you have a Schnucks account for Schnupons or Pharmacy, you're already enrolled! Just download the Schnucks Rewards app from the App store or Google Play and log in with your account information. No smartphone? No problem. Simply download the app and create an account, or register online at

Will I receive a Schnucks Rewards card?

No. Schnucks Rewards is entirely digital, which means you don't need to remember to carry a card! At checkout, you can either present your in-app barcode or enter your phone number at the pin pad.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still join Schnucks Rewards?

You sure can! Go to to register for Schnucks Rewards. Once you're registered, simply enter your phone number on the pin pad at check out to start earning Points.

Is Schnucks Rewards available in all stores?

Yes, Schnucks Rewards is available in all stores.

What items are excluded from Schnucks Rewards?

You cannot earn or redeem Points on third-party gift cards, tobacco, smokeless tobacco, lottery purchases, money orders, wire transfers, non-food transactions made at Customer Service and Schnucks Bistro. You can earn but not redeem Points on Schnucks Delivers, Schnucks Floral and Schnucks Cooking School classes.

How do I update my membership information? What if I forgot my password?

Please head to You will be able to update information, create a new password and find answers.

Can the program be modified or terminated?

Yes. We may change the Schnucks Rewards terms or cancel the program entirely.

Can my membership ever be revoked?

Yes. We may cancel your Schnucks Rewards membership at any time if account abuse or fraudulent activity takes place. If that happens, you will lose your Points and other Rewards.

What are the terms of Schnucks Rewards?

For full terms and conditions, click here.

Who can I contact if I am having trouble with my account?

Please contact us at

Rewards Points

How do I earn Rewards Points?

It’s easy — just shop as normal. Then scan the in-app barcode or enter your phone number at checkout to watch your Points pile up. You’ll accrue 10 Points for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases. For every 1,000 Points you earn, you’ll receive $2 to redeem a future purchase. It’s all automatic.

How do I redeem Points?

If you have Points to redeem, you’ll be presented with choices at checkout. You can redeem all your Rewards at once or select a partial amount. You can also redeem your Schnupons or free items from the app. It’s like winning again and again.

Where can I see my Rewards History?

You can find your “Rewards History”’ under the “More” tab in the Schnucks Rewards app, or visit to review your Rewards History and recent activity.

How do I get free items and 2x point offers?

All you need to do is grab that item off the shelf, throw it in your cart and head to check out. At checkout, once the item(s) is scanned and you have provided your Rewards number, you will automatically earn Points and/or the free item will be applied. The only thing you need to do is be a member of our Schnucks Rewards program. Pretty great, right?

Can I only redeem Rewards with my barcode?

No, you can redeem your Rewards by entering your phone number on the pin pad at checkout. If you choose to redeem your Points via in-app barcode versus by phone number, you add an extra layer of security to your account by making sure you and only you redeem those Rewards that you earned. You can activate this feature in the “more” tab of the app or online at

Do I earn Points when paying with a Schnucks gift card?

You will earn Points on whatever dollar amount is left on your bill after your Schnucks gift card has been applied. If your gift card covers your entire bill, you will not earn Points on that transaction.

Can I redeem multiple offers at one time?

No. You can only redeem Points on the remaining balance of a purchase after a coupon or discount has been applied.

Is there a limit to how many Points I can earn or redeem?

The maximum amount you can earn or redeem at one time is $500, or 200,000 Points. Let us know if that happens so we can throw confetti.

Will my Points ever expire?

As long as you keep an active account, your Rewards Points will not expire. An account is considered inactive after a year of no account activity.

Can I still earn Points if I forget to scan my in-app barcode or enter my phone number on the pin pad?

For new members of Schnucks Rewards, you have 3 days to complete your registration. To complete your Schnucks Rewards registration, visit Once you have completed your registration, you will earn the Points for the purchases you accumulated over the past three days.

For current members, Rewards Points can only be earned at the point of sale in-store. Points cannot be earned at a later date, so make sure to scan the in-app bar code or enter your phone number every time you shop.


Can I earn on pharmacy?

Yes. You are able to earn Points on over the counter items as well as on your RX co-pay. You are not able to use your Points on any prescriptions within the Pharmacy department.


Do eScrip and Schnucks Rewards work together?

At this time, you are unable to do both. You must choose to either earn Rewards or donate to a charity of your choice.

If you are a member of our eScrip program and have our Schnucks Reward app, you will be able to select if you would like to earn Points or continue donating to your charity. In the app, you will be prompted to choose to either a) earn Points or b) donate to your charity of choice. If you are not prompted, you can find that option in the “more” tab of the Schnucks Rewards app.

You are able to toggle between the two, meaning for some purchases you can choose to earn Points and others you can choose to donate. The choice is yours!

If you do not have our app downloaded, and wish to continue to donate to your charity, scan your eScrip card at checkout without entering your Rewards phone number. If you’d like to earn Points, just enter your phone number on the pin pad without scanning your eScrip card.

Shopping List

How do I add items to my shopping list?

There are two ways you can add to your shopping list. Click on the “Search” icon , enter the product you’re looking for and click “Add To List”. You can also add items to your shopping list directly within the shopping list. Just click on the search bar in the shopping list, enter the product you wish to add and click “Add To List”.

How do I search for items?

To search for specific items, click on the “Search” icon from the Rewards home screen.

Can I share/link my shopping list with other accounts?

Not at the moment, but don’t worry — we’re working on it!

How do I make sure my list is up-to-date?

The device is just the phone. A family or couple could all be signed in under the same account, but using different phones. To see changes made by others, either navigate away or pull to refresh.

Why don't I see the location, price and nutrition information for some of the items on my list?

If an item was added directly to your list without searching for a specific brand or product, it is considered a custom item and won't have location, price or nutrition information attached to it. If you would like to have your product associated to a location, price and nutritional information, the item will need to be added from a search result.

Wellness Guide

What is the Wellness Guide?

From heart smart to gluten-free, the Schnucks Rewards wellness icons will make it easy to create lists and shop for your family’s dietary needs. Wellness Guide icons are located in the Filter Items of the Search screen as well as visible on a Product Detail screen.

Where do I find the Wellness Guide?

The Wellness Guide is accessible from a product’s detail page. Click on the product either from the search bar or on your shopping list. Under Wellness Guide, click on “Learn More”.

Schnucks Floral

How can I contact the Schnucks floral department?

To contact the Schnucks floral department, call us at 314-997-2444 or visit us online at

Can I cancel or change my floral order?

To change or cancel your order, please call us immediately at 314-997-2444.

Can I get same-day floral delivery?

Same-day floral delivery is not available for online or in-app orders. To learn what is available for same-day delivery in your area, call our floral department at 314-997-2444.

Can I pick up my flowers in-store?

To pick up an order in-store, please call your local Schnucks store floral department and order directly through them. At this time, delivery is the only option available for Schnucks Rewards app and online orders.

How will I know my flowers are delivered?

Please contact our Floral Design Center at 314-997-2444.

Can I earn Points on floral purchases?

Yes, you earn Rewards Points on your floral purchases.

Deli Order Ahead

Is Order Ahead at the Deli available in all stores?

No, Deli Order Ahead is only available at Schnucks Lindenwood, Des Peres, Town Oaks, Butler Hill, Telegraph, Affton, Hampton Village, Woods Mill, Webster Groves, Crestwood, Lake St. Louis, Richardson, Edwardsville, Richmond Center, Arsenal, Ladue, Evansville West and Newburgh. Stores will be added, so check back regularly.

What can I order through Order Ahead at the Deli?

You can order the same items you would normally order at the Deli based on a store’s availability: sliced meat and cheese as well as prepared foods. Schnucks Des Peres, Woods Mill, Richmond Center and Ladue offer sliced meat and cheese only.

How will I know what is on sale at the deli counter?

Sales will be reflected in Order Ahead at the Deli.

How late can I place or pickup an order?

You can place an order up to one hour before the counter closes. You can pick up your order until the store closes.

How early can I place an order?

You can place an order 30 minutes prior to your expected pick up.

Where do I pay for my order?

You’ll pay for your order at checkout.

Can I cancel my order after I place it?

Yes. You can cancel an order by visiting My Orders and clicking “Cancel Order” or reply directly to the SMS message.

Can I edit my order after I place it?

No, you cannot edit an order after it is placed.

Can I place an order for a later date?

No, Order Ahead at the Deli is only for same day pick-up orders.

How can I review past orders on the app?

Visit Deli inside Shop and click on “Past Orders”.

Can I earn Rewards with Order Ahead at the Deli?


How will I know when my order is ready?

You will receive a text message letting you know that the Deli has filled your order and that it’s ready to be picked up in the cooler near the Deli. In the app, under My Orders, the Order Status will show as “Fulfilled”.

Fuel Savings

I’d rather earn savings on fuel. Am I still able to do so?

Yes. If you would prefer to still earn fuel savings, give the checker your Schnucks Customer Card to scan before your order is totaled for purchase. It’s that easy.

I’m a fuel savings member. Do I need to sign up for Schnucks Rewards?

Yes! If you’re interested in Schnucks Rewards, you’ll still need to download the app and sign up. If you don’t have a smartphone, visit to register for Schnucks Rewards.

Can I earn fuel savings and Schnucks Rewards at the same time?

Not at this time.

Schnucks Delivers

Can you earn Points with Schnucks Delivers?

Yes, customers are able to earn Rewards Points on all Schnucks Delivers orders.

Can you redeem your rewards with Schnucks Delivers?

Not at this time. You’ll still need to be in store to redeem your Schnucks Rewards Points.

How do I earn Points with Schnucks Delivers?

When you checkout on Schnucks Delivers, there is a field in the right column that guides you to enter your 10 digit phone number associated with your Schnucks Rewards account. If you enter at checkout, it will save in your profile and automatically be applied to future orders. You will also have the option to add your 10 digital phone number in your Schnucks Delivers “Your Account” settings.

How can I see how many Points I earned on my Schnucks Delivers order?

Points will be reflected in your Schnucks Rewards Account History 1 day after the transaction.

Where can I see my Rewards history?

You can find your “Rewards History”’ under the “More” tab in the Schnucks Rewards app, or visit to review your Rewards History and recent activity.

Can I still earn 2X Points with Schnucks Delivers?

At this time, Schnucks Delivers is not able to apply 2X Points to online Schnucks Delivers orders.