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Orange Rosemary Roasted Ham

Christmas, Dinner, Oven-Baked, Pork

This holiday season, spice up your ham with orange and rosemary.

2 H 45 M

Schnucks Pork Steak Sandwich

30-Minute Dinner, 5 Ingredients or Less, Local, Pork

It doesn’t get more St. Louis than this.

20 M

The Gerber

15-Minute Lunch, 30-Minute Dinner, Cheese, Local, Pork, Sandwiches, Tacos & Wraps

Loved locally, the Gerber originates from St. Louis’ Ruma’s Deli and is named after the owners’ neighbor, Dick Gerber. Did you know: Mr. Gerber used to make his own sandwiches in the Ruma’s kitchen and this one (now known as “the Gerber”) was so well-loved, it earned a permanent spot on the menu.

15 M

Potato Chip Nachos

15-Minute Lunch, Appetizers, Pork

With 38 flavors of Schnucks chips and 8 fresh Schnucks dips, you only have to try 304 combinations to find your favorite. Luckily it won’t cost you much because each 5 oz. bag only costs $1!

10 M

Breakfast Pork Steak

Breakfast, Pork

We know pork steak — we invented it. And we recommend making it a part of your breakfast morning routine!

20 M

Barbecue Brats ‘n’ Beans

Beef, Grilling, Pork

Barbecue is about to meet its new best friend in this Barbecue Brats ‘n’ Beans recipe from Schnucks.

15 M

Lemon Herb Marinade

Beef, Chicken, Grilling, Pork

This versatile marinade adds moisture and fresh flavor to any cut of meat. Plus, it tastes great with your favorite barbecue sauce!

5 M
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