Working Together

The Schnucks Pharmacy Diabetes Care Center’s mission is to nourish people’s lives in our community by providing them with the tools they need to manage their diabetes and improve their quality of life. We are conveniently located within Schnucks and accept most major health insurance plans. In addition, Schnucks bills the insurance company for you.

Our Goals are to:

  • Reduce sick days
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Empower patients to take charge of their health
  • Provide current evidence-based education in an environment conducive to learning
  • Become a medium of healthcare change to the community in which we serve

The Cost of Diabetes

Diabetes affects approximately 10% of the US population, costing individuals with diabetes $327 billion in 2017. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the most costly disease in the country. Diabetes Self Management Education and Support (DSMES) has been shown to reduce hospitalizations, making it a cost-effective solution.

Financial impact on companies is dependent upon company size:
50 employees = $47,305
100 employees = $94,611
250 employees = $236,527
500 employees = $473,054
1,000 employees = $1,946,107

Diabetes Management

We have registered dietitians on our team who work with patients to develop individualized meal plans. We address needs based on personal and cultural preferences, including basic nutrition education, meal planning and carb counting. Our dietitians can walk into our aisles with clients to review foods discussed at their appointment and enhance interactive learning.

Schnucks offers 2 types of educational services in a comfortable and interactive setting: Diabetes Self Management Education and Support (DSMES) and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).


The overall objectives of DSMES services are to support informed decision making, self-care behaviors, problem-solving, and active collaboration with the health care team to improve clinical outcomes, health status and quality of life in a cost-effective manner.

DSMES services include:

  • Diabetes overview
  • Medication instruction
  • Nutrition education/carb counting
  • Self-monitoring blood glucose, including ADA target values
  • Physical activity
  • Ways to cope with diabetes
  • Self-management strategies


We partner with patients to actively engage them to be part of a collaborative process in developing their eating plan. This program is often associated with a healthier lifestyle, decreased reliance on medication and improved quality of life

When MNT is provided by a registered dietitian, it has been proven to::

  • decrease A1C in Type 1 diabetes by 1.0-1.9%
  • decrease A1C in Type 2 diabetes by 0.3 -2%

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For more information about how we can help your organization, call (314) 218-3321 or email us at diabetescare@schnucks.com.

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