Wine and Cheese Pairings

Start with that classic pair, wine and cheese, and add a few other tidbits to create your own sweet combos for a party buffet, or just the two of you in front of a fire.

Let’s get started …

Cheese Board

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Dried fruit offers a sweet contrast to a slaty or savory cheese.


A few nuts add texture, sweetness and a hint of salt.

Blue Cheese

Known for their blue vein coloring, these varieties are boldly flavored – from salty to spicy.


A burst of sweetness can increase the flavors of some cheeses.


Strong, savory flavors enhance the taste of cheese or crackers.

Goat Cheese

This soft cheese has a robust aroma and tart, earthy flavor.


The perfect dessert cheese has a soft, silky texture and a buttery flavor that pairs nicely with fruit or nuts.


The subtle, salty flavor and crunchy texture provides balance and substance.

Fig Jam

A hint of berry with a honey-like sweetness serves as a perfect match for Brie.

Colby Jack

This classic blend has a semi-hard texture and mild flavor.