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Since 1939, we’ve been committed to each community, town and neighborhood we serve. We partner with other local companies, farmers and vendors to support the best the Midwest has to offer.

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Adrienne Hunter-Green

La Forge, MO

Adrienne grew up in Chicago, IL and remembers seeing older adults planting urban gardens because they wanted fresh vegetables. As a child, she spent summers visiting her grandparents in rural Missouri, helping them maintain their large garden. Her mother started growing her own vegetables and this is where Adrienne fell in love with agriculture. After college, she moved to La Forge, Missouri, where her grandparents lived and began to grow produce with her mother. For Adrienne, growing produce is a way to stay connected to her family farm and to provide healthy foods for her community. Adrienne works to use the least amount of chemicals and follows “the golden rule” when farming: treat the soil and plants as you would want them to treat you!

Beggs Berry World

Benton, MO

Beggs Berry World started in 1987 as a small farm market in Benton, Missouri on a 150-acre piece of land that Cameron's maternal grandfather purchased in 1950. In 1987, the farm became Cameron's when he split from the family farm to raise watermelons, cantaloupes and pumpkins on his own. When Cameron began raising strawberries in 1994, he decided on the name "Beggs Berry World". It was another ten years before he began raising sweet corn, which is now one of his biggest sellers. In the past few years, Cameron Beggs has added blueberry bushes, blackberry vines and 550 peach trees of different varieties.

Donahue Farms

Collinsville, IL

We work with local farmers like the Donahue's because we can count on them for quality vegetables fresh from Illinois fields.



Black Gold Farms

Charleston, MO

Schnucks is proud to work with farmers in some of the best growing regions in Missouri for the perfect potatoes.



Double Star Farms

Benton, IL

Double Star Farms was founded in 2008 outside of the small town of Benton in Southern Illinois. Double Star Farms is owned and operated by siblings, Michael & Jesse Gehman, who grew up in the heart of farming country. Their father raised livestock and their mother had a nursery & garden center. One could say that farming/gardening was in their blood.

Eckert’s Farms

Belleville, Il

Schnucks partners with local farmers like Chris Eckert because they have the finest peaches grown right here in the Midwest!



Moyer Farms

Richmond, MO

Moyer Farms is a family owned produce farm in Richmond, MO that began with two simple goals: to provide a good life for their family and to grow healthy food. Nathan and Erin Moyer are both second generation farmers and are grateful to be farming for a living. Moyer Farms prides itself on minimal chemical use and strives to take care of their land. The Moyers work hard to achieve these goals and are proud to be part of the farming community that is growing healthy food for local markets. They grow a variety of produce, including tomatoes, sweet corn, arugula, kale, greens, onions, garlic, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe to name a few, and raise grass fed beef and bottle raw honey from our own or other local bee hives. Our season wraps up in the fall with pumpkins, gourds, mums, straw and various fall décor.

Stuckmeyer Plants & Produce

Columbia, MO

Matt Stuckmeyer is the sixth generation farmer at his family’s farm, Stuckmeyer Plants & Produce, and is continuing in his parents’ footsteps, who started the farm in 1987. Matt, his sister, Katie, and their parents, Garry and Dianne Stuckemeyer work together to keep the farm running smoothly. Matt credits the success of their farm to how open-minded his parents are and how they have always let he and Katie branch out and try new things to put their own stamp on the business. Their greenhouse allows them to be a full four-seasons operation, growing flowers throughout the spring, vegetables throughout the summer, pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas trees and greenery through December. Stuckmeyer Plants & Produce prioritizes building soil health with practices like incorporating cover crops into their rotation, which will allow them to produce for the long-term.

Harold Bibbs & Sons Produce

Hornersville, MO

Schnucks works with local farmers like the Bibbs family for peak season watermelon grown in rich Missouri soil.



Pin Oak Farms

New Haven, MO

We count on farmers like Duane and Michelle Brune because you can't beat the farm-fresh flavor of their Missouri-grown vegetables.



Zimmerman’s Greenhouse

Vandalia, Il

Schnucks partners with local farmers like the Zimmerman’s because they grow some of the best green peppers in Central Illinois!


Green Peppers

Thies Farm & Market

Maryland Heights, MO

We partner with local farmers like the Thies family because their tomatoes are picked fresh in the St. Louis area.



West Kentucky Aquaponics

Benton, KY

After discovering aquaponics in 2015, Steve and Tammie McCullough fell in love with the idea of this form of agriculture. Together, with the help of Tammie’s father and son, they built an 8,000 sq ft greenhouse and West Kentucky Aquaponics was born. The small, family-owned farm is located in Benton, KY, where they raise Nile Tilapia in tanks and naturally convert their waste into nitrates which are pumped into hydroponic beds and used as fertilizer to grow our lettuce year ‘round. They are Certified Naturally Grown and USDA Harmonized GAP certified.

Foodshed is a logistics and marketing platform that works with major retailers like Schnuck Markets, to bridge the gap between local farms and mainstream buyers, to create a local and regenerative agricultural future. We make it easy for larger retailers & institutions to buy local/seasonal produce at scale from farms in their communities. Our technology platform allows retailers to get the same level of safety and reliability as conventional produce - with the complexity, quality & consumer appeal of products available from local farmers. Our farmers find it easy to plan their season, meet quality and safety guidelines, logistics and market their produce so they can focus on what they do best - farming!