Use this handy calendar to take the guesswork out of prepping and making your Thanksgiving feast.

18 NOV
4 DAYS AWAY anytime Stop by Schnucks to purchase your fresh turkey and all the ingredients necessary to make breakfast, dinner and dessert.
19 NOV
3 DAYS AWAY morning Unwrap bread for stuffing and breakfast casserole and set on counter to dry until recipes are prepared.
afternoon Bake pecan pie and refrigerate until Thanksgiving Day.
20 NOV
2 DAYS AWAY afternoon Prepare cranberry sauce and creamy broccoli soup, store in refrigerator until Thanksgiving Day.
21 NOV
1 DAY AWAY 9 a.m. If family will be arriving today, stop by the Schnucks Deli and pick up great prepared dishes to feed them throughout the day.
10 a.m. Prepare breakfast casserole (do not bake yet) and store in refrigerator until tomorrow morning.
11 a.m. Add turkey to brine and store in refrigerator.
4 p.m. Chop all produce and store in separate airtight containers in refrigerator.
5 p.m. Prepare apples; cover and refrigerate.
22 NOV
THANKSGIVING DAY 9 a.m. Bake breakfast casserole to serve in the morning.
11 a.m. Remove turkey from brine. Add to oven after reaching room temperature.
12 p.m. Prepare lime pie through step 4 and beet tart through step 3. Refrigerate until serving.
3 p.m. Make potatoes and stuffing. Cover to retain heat.
4 p.m. Remove turkey from oven. Make vegetables and sweet potatoes.
4:15 p.m. On stovetop, reheat broccoli soup and apples (if serving warm) over medium-low heat. Meanwhile, make Brussels sprouts.
4:45 p.m. Carve turkey and serve with sides. (Don't forget the cranberry sauce!)
6 p.m. Finish remaining steps for lime pie and beet tart. Serve alongside pecan pie.
25 NOV
UP TO 3 DAYS AFTER anytime Get creative with your leftovers.