Local Made, Grown & Loved

Since 1939, we’ve been committed to each community, town and neighborhood we serve. We partner with other local companies, farmers and vendors to support the best St. Louis has to offer.

Gateway To The Best

Since 1939, we’ve been partnering with other local companies, farmers and vendors to support locally made, grown and loved products.

Made Local

Hometown products made right here in St. Louis.

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The Certified Angus Beef brand is a family made up of local ranchers, many multigenerational, that all have the same goal – raising cattle good enough to meet the brand’s quality specifications.



Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Greenville, Il

Schnucks supports local dairy farmers like Amy and Beth Marcoot and Audie Wall because they create quality farmstead cheeses. To make their cheese, they use the milk from their happy, hormone-free cows, then age it in a cave. Our experts pick only Midwest best!


Farmstead Cheeses

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Prairie Farms

Carlinville, Il

Local dairy farmers like the Arenstens all have the same goal – providing quality milk from happy cows. Schnucks supports these multigenerational families who make up Prairie Farms because they take care of their cows and give us the best local milk for pure Midwest goodness.



Schnucks Fresh Eggs


Our Schnucks Fresh eggs start with free-range hens on family farms. Those families follow American Humane Standards when raising them. The eggs, collected twice a day every day, are laid within 19 miles of where they are washed, then delivered to a Schnucks near you.



Local Grown

Peak season produce grown just up the road.

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Eckert’s Farms

Belleville, Il

Schnucks partners with local farmers like Chris Eckert because their peaches are tree ripened for that “just picked” flavor you’ll taste in every bite. We count on Eckert’s, family-owned and operated since 1837, for the finest peaches in the Midwest!



Harold Bibbs & Sons Produce

Hornersville, MO

In 1967, Harold Bibbs moved from delivering produce to growing his own. Now, he and his six children grow some of the best watermelon in the Midwest. We partner with local farmers like Harold because we can count on him for top-quality watermelon, corn and potatoes.



Thies Farm & Greenhouses

Maryland Heights, MO

Schnucks partners with local farmers like the Thies family because they grow consistently excellent tomatoes in their fields and greenhouses! As fifth generation farmers, they know how to grow some of the best squash, cabbage, peppers and greens in the Midwest.


Tomatoes | Cabbage | Squash

Zimmerman’s Greenhouse

Vandalia, Il

Schnucks partners with local families like the Zimmerman’s because they grow some of the best and most delicious green peppers in the region. It’s peak season for local produce – get the best in Midwest goodness!


Green Peppers

Loved Local

Local favorites we’re proud to call our own.

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Schnuck Markets

St. Louis, MO

It all started with Don and Ed Schnuck. They wanted to offer a cut of meat that everyone could afford for family barbecues. They cut a pork shoulder, one-half inch thick and cooked it on the grill. The pork steak was born!

Not to be outdone, Doris Schnuck, Don’s wife, created a classic barbecue sauce that pairs perfectly with pork steaks. Both are St. Louis favorites!


Pork Steaks

Fitz's Root Beer

St. Louis, MO

Recognized as one of the best root beers in the U.S., Fitz’s is made according to an original recipe developed in St. Louis in 1947. Select natural roots, spices and barks give Fitz’s its unique flavor, making it the perfect soda for any occasion.


Root Beer

Kaldi's Coffee

St. Louis, MO

Kaldi's Coffee is dedicated to creating a memorable coffee experience for customers and guests, committed to sustainable business practices and supporting the communities that they serve.



Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips

Rockford, IL

Mrs. Fishers prides themselves on creating the right chip. They’ve provided quality, locally made chip since 1932. Their varieties of homestyle potato chips arrive fresh and are always prepared with the finest care.


Potato Chips

TJ’s Roaster

Evansville, IN

TJ’s Roaster strives to provide excellent fresh roasted coffee and superb service. They use the best coffee beans available and the most advanced equipment to achieve the highest quality roast.



Featured Recipes

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This dip uses ingredients that are locally loved.


Take burgers and sandwiches to the next level with this delicious jam. 

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Sweet and spicy, just the way we like it.

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To-MAY-to or to-MAH-to? No matter how you say it, this local favorite belongs in this spiced jam recipe.

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Local peaches made a sweet, subtle addition to caprese salad. 


Don’t fritter away this recipe!

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Taco ’bout a delicious dinner idea.

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This recipe makes it easy for you to eat your greens.

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This pizza is a little sweet, a little savory and completely delicious.

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It doesn’t get more St. Louis than this.

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This St. Louis curiosity gained fame in the city’s Chinese-American restaurants. How it gained its name is part of the sandwich’s disputed history, but its St. Louis origins are unquestionable.

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Loved locally, the Gerber originates from St. Louis’ Ruma’s Deli and is named after the owners’ neighbor, Dick Gerber. Did you know: Mr. Gerber used to make his own sandwiches in the Ruma’s kitchen and this one (now known as “the Gerber”) was so well-loved, it earned a permanent spot on the menu.