Fall (noun) a season that welcomes the start of tailgating; a time to enjoy all things apple and pumpkin; crockpot chili time. Enjoy all the flavors of fall with a warm and comforting recipe from Schnucks.

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Schnucks Harvest Chili recipe includes comforting seasonal favorites like squash, apples and sage, making this chicken chili a new fall favorite.


Fall in love with this ooey-gooey pull-apart dessert bread.


An apple (ring sandwich) a day keeps the doctor away.


These hand pies are perfect for parties!

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There’s nothing better than homemade.

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This dip is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Savor the flavors of Fall with this apple cider brined turkey recipe from Schnucks.


Celebrate the chill in the air with merry mugs of garnet-hued, mulled wine. Mingle fruity red wine with honey and spices for this simmered autumnal favorite and serve it at your next gathering. Try one of our simple flavor spins for a bit of variety.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned apple pie. 


Ingredients 2 oz bourbon whiskey½ oz orange liqueur1 tbsp pumpkin puree1 oz maple syrupOrange peel and rosemary, for garnish Instructions Add ingredients to ice-filled cocktail... >


This recipe from Schnucks is so good that you may make it your new go-to dinner dish.


Enjoy a taste of Fall with this Pork Tenderloin with Pumpkin Seed Pesto.


This pumpkin shandy recipe from Schnucks is perfect for the Fall season.


Parfaits are perfect anytime of day.

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The weather is getting chilly — which means it’s time for chili!

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Need dinner plans? Try this Aztec chili!

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Schnucks Harvest Chili recipe includes comforting seasonal favorites like squash, apples and sage, making this chicken chili a new fall favorite.


Chili? Good. Cornbread? Good. Chili-cornbread? Great.


This white bean chicken chili might become your new favorite chili recipe.


Going meatless? Opt for this veggie chili!

Slow cooked and full of flavor. Try this recipe for dinner tonight!

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It only takes 5 ingredients to create this delicious chili!


Shake up dinner tonight with this vegan bean chili recipe.

Out of an ingredient?

Save time and money with these ingenious swaps.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Honey for Light Corn Syrup




An equal amount of Honey is a tasty (cleaner) swap to light corn syrup.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Lemon Juice For Cream Of Tarter




Adding the same amount of lemon juice to a recipe will take the place of Cream of Tartar.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves for Allspice




Equal parts of cinnamon + ginger + cloves makes a great dupe of Allspice.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Applesauce For Vegetable Oil



→ Applesauce

Applesauce and vegetable oil are a 1:1 ratio when it comes to baking!

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Vinegar and Milk For Buttermilk



→ Vinegar + Milk

1 tablespoon vinegar + 1 cup of milk will allow for a delicious recipe that calls for buttermilk.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Cocoa and Butter For Chocolate



→ Cocoa + Butter

Although it is hard to run out of chocolate, mixing equal parts of cocoa + butter will do the trick for a recipe.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Mayonnaise for Egg



→ Mayonnaise

1/4 cup of mayonnaise will act as the binding agent for every one egg that is missing.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Flour For Cornstarch



→ Flour

Out of cornstarch? Flour will do the trick! Just make sure to use double the amount called for (ex: 1 tbsp. cornstarch = 2 tbsp. flour).

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Pancake Mix for Flour



→ Pancake Mix

Since Pancake Mix is almost entirely made up of flour, it can be used in recipes when your flour runs out.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Light Cream for Evaporated Milk


Evaporated Milk

→ Light Cream

An equal amount of light cream makes for a handy ingredient swap when there is no evaporated milk available.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Sugar + Water for Honey



→ Sugar + Water

Mixing equal parts of white sugar + water will give any recipe the hint of sweetness in place of honey.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Yogurt for Mayonnaise



→ Yogurt

An equal amount of plain yogurt will swap with mayonnaise for a (healthier) recipe.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Baking Soda and Cream Of Tartar for Baking Powder


Baking Powder

→ Baking Soda + Cream Of Tartar

Mixing equal parts of baking soda + cream of tartar can be swapped with baking powder.

Schnucks Ingredient Swap - Tomato Sauce + Vinegar + Sugar for Ketchup



→ Tomato Sauce + Vinegar + Sugar

Since ketchup is comprised of tomato sauce + vinegar + sugar, it makes sense that mixing these (to taste) will satisfy your recipe.