Fuel Savings | Rockford

As of April 1, 2020, we are retiring the Fuel Savings program – but don’t worry, you can still earn points until then.

Here are the details:

On April 1, 2020, we will be discontinuing the Fuel Savings program at your store. You can still earn points until this date. After April 1, you won’t be able to earn new points, however you will have 90 days to redeem any remaining points. All fuel points will expire on June 30, 2020.

Next, turn in your Fuel Savings card at any Rockford-area Schnucks store between now and June 30, 2020, and Schnucks will give you $10 in Schnucks Rewards Points towards a future purchase.

If you have questions about the Fuel Savings program, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Schnucks discontinuing its Rockford fuel savings/rewards program?

In May of 2019 when we launched Schnucks Rewards in Rockford, we offered our customers the option to choose to earn Schnucks Rewards or fuel rewards at checkout. Customers could choose to earn their rewards in one program only, or they could alternate, earning Schnucks Rewards on some visits and fuel rewards on other visits. In the nine months since Schnucks Rewards launched in Rockford, our customers have overwhelmingly chosen to bypass fuel rewards in favor of Schnucks Rewards. For that reason, we are discontinuing the fuel rewards program.

When is the fuel savings/rewards program being discontinued?

Customers can earn fuel rewards through March 31, 2020. While customers cannot earn fuel rewards after that date, they will be able to redeem any fuel rewards at participating fuel centers through June 30, 2020.

What if I don’t redeem my fuel rewards by June 30, 2020?

Any rewards not used on or before June 30, 2020 will expire. Per vendor rules, earned fuel rewards have typically expired within 60 days. In this instance, by ending fuel rewards earnings on March 31 and ending fuel rewards redemptions on June 30, we are providing customers with 90 days to use all of their rewards. We encourage customers to redeem fuel rewards as soon as possible, and then turn in their fuel rewards card for some additional Schnucks Rewards dollars! (see below for additional details)

How is Schnucks telling customers about this change?

Signage will be posted at all Rockford-area Schnucks stores. Any fuel savings/rewards customers who registered with an email address will receive an email as well. Partner fuel stations are removing any signage they have that indicates that they accept fuel savings/rewards.

What should I do with my fuel savings/rewards card?

Turn in your fuel savings/rewards card at any Rockford-area Schnucks store between now and June 30, 2020, and Schnucks will give you 5,000 Schnucks Rewards points - the equivalent of $10 - towards a future Schnucks purchase (limit one offer per customer/Schnucks Rewards account). Teammates are eligible for this promotion as well.

How does Schnucks Rewards work?

Schnucks Rewards customers earn 10 rewards points for every dollar spent on qualifying* purchases. After accruing 1,000 points (the equivalent of $100 in purchases), customers will earn $2 off a future purchase. Customers can choose to redeem Schnucks Rewards dollars as they are earned, or they can bank them (up to $500) in order to redeem more at once!

*Points may not be earned on lottery, third-party gift card purchases, wire transfers or any non-food purchases made at customer service. Points may be earned on pharmacy prescriptions and alcohol purchases, however, customers cannot redeem dollars on those purchases.

How do I sign up for Schnucks Rewards?

Go to your smartphone’s app store and search “Schnucks Rewards.” Download the app and enter your information. No smartphone? No problem! Register online by visiting schnucks.com/rewards. You can also sign up in person at any Rockford-area Schnucks store.

Why is Schnucks Rewards better than fuel savings/rewards?

Schnucks Rewards is a more robust program and more rewarding for customers. In addition to earning dollars off of future purchases, the Schnucks Rewards program routinely offers great savings in the form of:

  • Free items, available exclusively to Schnucks Rewards customers
  • Special bonus points offers, where Schnucks Rewards customers earn extra points on certain days or certain items
  • Personalized digital coupons, created especially for Schnucks Rewards customers (simply clip the coupons in the app or on the computer prior to checkout)

The Schnucks Rewards app also offers other features that make your shopping easier, including:

  • The ability to create a customized shopping list. Set your home store in the app, create your list, and this feature will sort your shopping list based on the layout of your store. In addition, the shopping list is shareable with others on your account, allowing family members to add items to the list. It’s also a ‘smart’ list, remembering your recent purchases so that it’s easier to make a list for your next shopping trip!
  • A Wellness Guide identifying items with specific healthy attributes. From calorie smart to heart smart to organic to vegetarian, the wellness guide allows you to quickly identify items with the attributes you need, making it easy to shop for your family’s dietary needs.

Join Schnucks Rewards

This program allows you to earn points when you shop at Schnucks and redeem those Points for money off a future purchase.

To earn Rewards Points, simply download the Schnucks Rewards app and sign up for a Schnucks Rewards account. Then shop at Schnucks — that’s it! Visit the FAQ section at Schnucks Rewards to find out more.

Shopping will never be the same. Sign up and start saving today.

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How To Redeem Your Fuel Savings At Kelley’s Market or participating Mobil Fuel locations

It’s easy! Just insert Customer Card at the pump. Insert your payment card, select Debit or Credit and the pump will automatically adjust to reflect the savings you earned (per gallon) and will dispense up to 25 gallons. If you are paying with cash or pre-paying, simply see the attendant inside a Kelley’s Market or a participating Mobil Fuel Station and they will assist you.

The More Groceries* You Buy – The More You Save Per Gallon!

*Each $100 of accumulated qualifying purchases at Schnucks in Rockford earns a 10¢ per gallon fuel discount. Fuel Savings is not available at Schnucks Janesville. Fuel discount may not be earned on the following purchases: Tax, gift cards, tickets, lottery, fuel, on-line purchases, car wash, Kelley’s Market or participating Mobil locations purchases, money orders, wire transfers, utility payments, state- and federal-funded pharmacy purchases and any other items prohibited by law. Purchases at all other Schnucks stores, participating Kelley’s Markets and Mobil Fuel Stations do not earn fuel discounts.

To earn discount, Customer Card must be presented to the checker prior to order being totaled for purchase. Minimum price per gallon is 1.9¢ (plus any variance between the lowest-priced grade of all fuels available for sale and the grade selected for purchase.) Discount must be used within 90 days of purchase date/time or it expires. Total discounts on card are applied per fuel purchase, up to a maximum of 25 gallons dispensed. Limit one vehicle or gas container per applied discount.

Privacy Policy: Schnucks wants to ensure that your personal information is secure. Our registration process requires you to provide selected personal identifying information (such as your name, date of birth, email address, etc.) This information will be used solely to administer customer program services. Schnucks will not sell or offer your personal information to third parties. See Privacy Page for details.

If you have questions about the Fuel Savings Program, please contact us.