Beatrice Gibson


Beatrice Gibson


Beatrice Gibson has her hands full. If being a college senior wasn't enough, she also has a part-time job and an internship. While she doesn't have a lot of time on her hands, she has a ton of heart and determination.

In her senior year, Beatrice was faced with the prospect of delaying graduation. She was behind $5,000 on her student account which put her graduation in danger. She would have to spend more time working at her part-time job, and a lot less time studying. After three years of hard work towards her degree, that was the last thing she wanted to risk. That's when fate took over at a St. Louis QuikTrip.

While pumping gas, a brochure caught Beatrice's eye. It was for Folds of Honor - a charity that provides scholarships to the children of fallen soldiers.

Beatrice's dad, Ronald Gibson, was a United States Army sergeant in the Vietnam War. While attempting to save a comrade, he fell head first out of a helicopter. It was determined that because of this devastating fall, Ronald Gibson developed Parkinson's disease. Once a great athlete and soldier, today Mr. Gibson has trouble getting around and even speaking.

"My dad is my hero," said Beatrice. "He is a very proud military veteran and loves this country - and I love him."

As the daughter of a disabled military veteran, Beatrice was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from Folds of Honor to pay off her student account. That scholarship will allow Beatrice to graduate in two weeks from Webster University with a degree in photography.

"If it wasn't for Folds of Honor, it's possible that I wouldn't have been able to graduate - on time or at all," Beatrice said. "I can't wait for my dad to see me get my diploma - he'll be so proud."