Lunchbox Hacks to the Max!

Here are some great hacks to make lunch prep easy on yourself and that just might make your kid the envy of lunch hour.

Freeze juice boxes

A simple way to keep lunch cool until it’s time to eat: an ice pack that doesn’t need to make the return trip home! By lunchtime the juice will be thawed and ready to enjoy with the rest of the meal.

A whole, but pre-sliced apple

This IS genius. Just pre-slice an apple, put it back together and wrap a rubber band around it. This keeps all the juices in and prevents the apple from turning brown before lunchtime.

Remove bread crusts with a pizza cutter

Need a quick way to remove the crust without removing a lot of the bread? Use a pizza cutter, and you’ll get sandwiches with clean edges.

No mush is much better

Soggy bread is the lunchtime equivalent of a pop-quiz. If your kid likes sandwiches with things like mustard, mayo or tomato, place those items between the cold cuts. The bread will stay in tip-top shape come lunchtime.


Why make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day when you can make a whole bunch at once? No, really, this is the way to go. Once made, freeze the sandwiches. On a school morning, pop a frozen PBJ sandwich in a lunchbox. Bonus: the frozen PBJ can act as an ice pack for the rest of that day’s selections!