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Easy Easter Brunch


These brunch favorites will be recipes you turn to again and again. And that’s something to be hoppy about!

This year, our spring holidays look a little different. As we settle in at home, let’s turn to those dishes that offer a cozy and comforting alternative to a large spread. The best part? These brunch favorites will be recipes you turn to again and again. And that’s something to be hoppy about!

These fruit-filled nests are a fabulous way to showcase spring. And they are cute, too!

This Roasted asparagus and red onion recipe make for a tasty side that feeds 8.

Sweet potatoes just like your grandmother used to make, only served up in a new way.

Roasted grapes make for a perfect sweet and savory treat as a side for Easter dinner, or for any festive occasion.

Our Sheet Pan Frittata with tuna and kale is a delicious way to get your family to eat their veggies while creating a meal they will enjoy.

Salads aren’t just for lunch and dinner. With our Warm Breakfast Salad recipe, you can create a morning dish that is yummy and Pinterest approved!

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche is a delicious way to start your day. Made with chopped broccoli, red bell pepper, sweet potato and egg.

This pancake is a savory way to start the day.

There’s no sweeter way to start the day than with this Strawberry Shortcakes recipe from Schnucks. 

Spoil mom with hugs and quiches this Mother’s Day with this Denver Quiche recipe from Schnucks.

Cold brew coffee that has more caffeine than traditional hot coffee without any of the bitter taste? Yes, please!

This Creamy Italian Pasta Salad recipe from Schnucks is an easy crowd pleaser.

Ham it up with these delicious ham and egg bites. 

Give your Puppy Chow a sweet and festive Easter twist with this recipe!

Let’s get this party tart-ed. 

This strata is Gruyère to please. 

Sip and Savor

Springtime was made for our Roasted Pear and Citrus Cocktail made with sparkling wine, pears, oranges, and white grape juice.

This delicious frosé recipe features Nobile Vines from Delicato Family Vineyards. 

Add blackberry to your mojito for a refreshing twist.

Fruity and fresh — just how we like our cocktails.

Blueberry and basil give this drink a sweet and surprising twist.

From the garden to your drinking glass.