Double Up Food Bucks

What is “Double Up Food Bucks”?

“Double Up Food Bucks” provides Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients a dollar for dollar match (up to $25 per day) on the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. This grant-funded program allows SNAP recipients to double the value of SNAP dollars, while also making healthy food choices. Here’s an example of how it works at Missouri Schnucks stores. If a SNAP recipient who is also signed up for Schnucks Rewards (or Schnupons) uses their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card to purchase any dollar amount of fresh produce at a Missouri Schnucks location, a matching dollar amount (not to exceed $25 per day) is stored in a “virtual wallet.” On a future purchase at any Missouri Schnucks location, the SNAP recipient may then apply any amount of the dollars in their Double Up Food Bucks virtual wallet towards the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.

How Do I Participate In Double Up Food Bucks at Schnucks?

  1. You must be a SNAP recipient.
  2. You must be a member of our Schnucks Rewards program. To join, simply download the Schnucks Rewards app from your smartphone’s app store or Google play, then sign up.
    1. Do you already have a Schnucks account for Schnupons or Pharmacy? Great! You’re automatically enrolled in Schnucks Rewards! Just download the app and log in using your account information.
    2. Don’t have smartphone? No problem! Just go to to sign up for Schnucks Rewards.
    3. Need help signing up for an account, or do you need to sign up by phone instead of signing up online? Contact Consumer Affairs at 314-994-4400.
  3. When purchasing fresh produce, scan the Schnucks Rewards barcode from your app, or, key in your phone number at the payment terminal and press the green enter key.

How Do I Earn or Redeem Double Up Food Bucks at Schnucks?

  1. Visit the Produce Department at your local Missouri Schnucks and select your fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. When you check out, be sure to scan your Schnucks Rewards app or provide the checker with your phone number.
    1. To EARN Double Up Food Bucks, you must pay with your SNAP/EBT card. For every dollar you spend on fresh produce, you will earn $1 of Double Up Food Bucks, up to $25 per day. Your Double Up Food Bucks will be stored in your Schnucks Rewards account.
    2. To REDEEM Double Up Food Bucks, let the checker know that you would like to redeem your Double Up Food Bucks. You may redeem some or all of your available DUFB dollars. If you have a remaining balance due, you may use any form of accepted payment. You are not required to use SNAP/EBT.
  3. You may earn or redeem Double Up Food Bucks through October 31, 2019, or until grant funds are exhausted.

How Do I Check My Double Up Food Bucks Balance?

Once you have earned your first Double Up Food Bucks, there are three ways to check your balance.

  1. After a purchase where you scanned your Schnucks Rewards app, entered your phone number at the pinpad, or gave your phone number to the checker to enter, you can find your DUFB balance printed at the bottom of your receipt.
  2. You can log in at After logging in, your account name will appear in the top right corner. For example, “MARY’S SCHNUCKS.” Click your account name. On the left half of the screen, you will see a map showing your home Schnucks store. Just above the map is a button labeled “MY WALLET.” Click “MY WALLET” to view your current Double Up Food Bucks balance and activity history. (You can also view your Schnucks Rewards history and recent activity.)
  3. Contact Consumer Affairs at 314-994-4400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to buy locally grown produce to earn or redeem Double Up Food Bucks?

No. Starting in June 2018, Double Up Food Bucks at Schnucks may be earned or redeemed on ANY fresh fruits and/or vegetables you select from our Produce Department. While it is not required, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables when they are available can help support our local farmers and our local economy.

What produce items can I redeem my Double Up Food Bucks for? Do edible plants/herbs count?

Yes. Customers can redeem credits for edible plants, herbs and in-store cut fruit, in addition to other fresh fruits and vegetables found in our Produce Department.

Can I use a WIC fruits and vegetables check and still earn Double Up Food Bucks?

No. You must pay with SNAP/EBT in order to earn Double Up Food Bucks. When redeeming Double Up Food Bucks, you may pay with any form of accepted payment.

What if I don’t redeem the full dollar amount of the Double Up Food Bucks I have available?

Any unused awards will be available for you to use for future purchases of fresh fruits and/or vegetables through October 31, 2019, or until grant funds are exhausted.

Do earned Double Up Food Bucks awards expire?

Yes. All earned Double Up Food Bucks awards must be used by October 31, 2019. If grant funds are exhausted prior to that date, the program will end earlier.

If I have a SNAP/EBT Card from another state, can I earn and redeem Double Up Food Bucks?

Yes, as long as the rewards are earned and redeemed at Missouri Schnucks locations.

Why is the program only open to SNAP recipients?

This program is made possible by a grant that focuses on increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables to SNAP/EBT recipients. Since fresh produce is often more expensive than less healthy options, the grant is intended to help offset the higher costs, while encouraging better nutrition.

Who can I call with questions?

Please contact the Schnucks Consumer Affairs Department at (314) 994-4400. If you are calling about a specific purchase, please be prepared to provide the order number, store location and your Schnucks Rewards account information.