Seafood Roadshow

Seafood Roadshow

What is a Seafood Roadshow?
Special prices too low to advertise with discounts on full cases, sampling, wine pairings and cooking suggestions.

Where can you find one?
Schnucks stores.

We will be posting every couple of weeks the location and times where you can expect to find them in our stores.


Look for us at the following Schnucks locations each weekend from 10 AM – 7 PM.


February 15  thru February 17

Schnucks Affton

Schnucks DeKalb

Schnucks Ferguson

Schnucks Lindenwood

Schnucks Newburgh

Schnucks Richmond Center

Schnucks Telegraph

Schnucks Urbana

Schnucks Wentzville


February 22  thru February 24

Schnucks Charbonier

Schnucks Dardenne

Schnucks Lemay

Schnucks Newburgh

Schnucks Savoy

Schnucks Woods Mill


March 1  thru March 3

Schnucks Chesterfield

Schnucks Des Peres

Schnucks Knoxville

Schnucks Lawndale

Schnucks Loughborough

Schnucks Mid Rivers

Schnucks Roscoe

Schnucks St. Ann

Schnucks Sangamon

Schnucks Truman Boulevard


March 8  thru March 10

Schnucks Bettendorf

Schnucks Champaign

Schnucks Columbia

Schnucks East State

Schnucks Grandview

Schnucks Hampton Village

Schnucks Harvester Square

Schnucks Lindbergh

Schnucks Loves Park

Schnucks Maplewood

Schnucks Wood River


March 15  thru March 17

Schnucks Ballwin

Schnucks Columbia

Schnucks Cottleville

Schnucks Evansville

Schnucks Montvale

Schnucks South City

Schnucks St. John


If your store is not listed, please check back later. As we get updates on location and times, we will post them right here for everyone.

Here’s the catch:

Supplies are limited. When the product is gone — it’s GONE!