Homestyle Chicken & Dumplings

Budget Friendly, Chicken, Dinner, Flavors Of Fall, Stovetop, Winter
1H 30M

Nothing says comfort quite like a big pot of chicken and dumplings. In this easy, economical recipe, our fresh-made rotisserie chicken works double-duty—not only as the main protein but also as the base for a simple stock that adds tons of extra flavor with little added cost. Served with dumplings made from a few pantry staples, this meal is all about stretching your dollar in the most delicious way possible.

Colorado-Style Green Chili with Quesadilla Strips

Pork, Soup & Chili, Winter

Taking a page from French Onion Soup, this hearty chili verde is topped with cheesy tortilla goodness.

Slow Cooker Chili

Slow Cooker, Soup & Chili, Winter

With hearty red kidney beans, McCormick® Chili Seasoning Mix, and tomato sauce, this warm chili is the perfect indulgence for any occasion. From tailgates to Super Bowl parties, add our easy slow cooker chili recipe to your dinner menu today.

Slow Cooker Stroganoff

Beef, Pasta, Pasta & Pizza, Slow Cooker, Winter
5H 30M

Egg noodles, round steak, mushrooms and a little “low and slow” cooking takes Mom’s beef and noodles to new heights. Searing beef boosts flavor and the slow cooker adds convenience.