March 24th

Which major amusement park did Schnucks operate at in 1975?



Schnucks Convinced Six Flags Over Mid-America to switch its seasonal promotions from National to Schnucks beginning in 1975. Initially Nancy Anne Bakery operated on park grounds.


March 10th

Did you know that our name was once Schnuckendorf? Well kind of.


Following Schnucks’ October 1970 acquisition of the Allied Companies’ Bettendorf-Rapp Division, Schnucks continued to operate the newly acquired stores under the Bettendorf name for four weeks. After beginning a significant cleanup and remodeling program, Schnucks ran a series of teaser ads poking fun at the greatly expanded chain with use of the newly coined word, “Schnuckendorf”.


March 3rd

When did the Schnucks soldier first appear in our ads?


January 16th 1968

On January 16th 1968, Schnucks became the first St. Louis food retailer to discontinue trading stamps at it’s nine Schnucks stores and to introduce “Revolutionary Low Prices.” The friendly revolutionary soldier, who blasted prices down in the accompanying advertising, continues to be a recognized corporate symbol.


February 25th

Who was the first Schnucks Checker of the Year?


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