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While the name suggests otherwise, Coney dogs come from the Mitten State, not the Atlantic Ocean peninsula in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, the iconic hot dogs were first made in Jackson, Michigan before they became wildly popular in Detroit around 1915.

We’ve taken these classics and created our own versions of dressed-up hot dogs. Each of these three hot dogs adds a fun and flavorful twist that is sure to bring some excitement to your summer! Click the images below to view the recipe!


1. Chorizo Coney Dogs

The original Coney dog features an all-beef hot dog topped with a bean-less meat chili, diced onions and a strip of yellow mustard.



2. Cubano Dogs

Garnished with banana peppers, yellow mustard, Swiss cheese and a pickle, this Cubano dog quickly became one of our favorites!



3. BLT Dogs

These BLT hot dogs are topped with shredded lettuce, fresh Roma tomatoes, mayo, a hint of Dijon mustard with Italian dressing and a slice of crispy bacon!