Superfoods are a quick and easy way to get some serious nutrients into your body. Examples include chia seeds, goji berries, avocados and flax seeds. But out of all the superfoods out there, kale is on top.

National Kale Day celebrates kale’s incredible health benefits by highlighting kale’s culinary versatility and promoting eating, growing and sharing kale throughout America. This grassroots movement was started by Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jennifer Iserloh in 2013. The two joined forces to write the book 50 Shades of Kale and a health-friendly holiday was born!


Kale is not only a superfood, it is a superhero when it comes to health. Kale is the king of the cruciferous vegetable family, which means you get plant-based power in your diet that goes well beyond just standard vitamins and minerals. Kale is packed with special “phytonutrients” molecules making it a power plant that can help fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. In fact, just a fistful of kale daily may have the power to battle cancer, inflammation, and low moods. Add to that protein, high levels of vitamin C and K, iron, omega-3, and fiber – nutrients that many Americans are sorely missing from their diet. Now that’s some powerful green stuff.

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Besides being nutrient-dense, kale also happens to be hearty, which means it travels well and lasts for up to a week when stored in a loose paper or plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper. It’s also extremely versatile. Cooking kale does not cause it to lose valuable nutrients.


Celebrations of National Kale Day take place all over the country in home kitchens, restaurants, schools and even online. The kale “kraze” is here to stay and National Kale Day is a driving force behind keeping up enthusiasm. For even more nutritional information and recipes from National Kale Day, head on over to




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With an aim to inspire families to eat together more often at home, we are proud to celebrate National Family Meals Month™ in September! During September, we encourage families to share one more meal together per week and we will highlight simple, healthy meal solutions to help make that happen.


Did you know that numerous studies underscore the long-term health, academic and societal benefits of consistently eating together as a family? Home-cooked meals nourish the spirit, brain and health of all family members. Not to mention, people who frequently cook at home eat fewer, healthier calories. Additionally, regular family meals are linked to the kinds of outcomes that we all want for our children: higher grades and self-esteem, healthier eating habits and less risky behavior.


However, according to a 2013 Harris poll, only 30 percent of American families share dinner every night. Why is this? Yes, juggling jobs, kids and the demands of a busy, modern life often come at the expense of family mealtime at home. But, this doesn’t need to be the case. Let us be your ally—the solution to your mealtime dilemma. We are committed to helping your family eat well, be well together and have these resources to bring to the table: Schnucks Cooks and Simply Schnucks.


So, as the new school year starts, we challenge you to renew your commitment to creating and serving meals at home that nourish your kids and help them flourish for life. Pledge to Raise Your Mitt to Commit™ to sharing one more family meal at home per week. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for family meals focused content, including shopping tips and recipes. Share your own family meal experiences, misadventures and solutions within your social channels. And, remember, use the hashtag #FamilyMealsMonth to be part of the conversation!



The Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine is offering mammograms to women age 40 and over. The Siteman Cancer Center operates a mobile mammography van that offers screenings by appointment at various locations. Mammograms are available at no cost to women who qualify and each exam will take about 20 minutes, requiring very little time in your busy schedule. Reports will be reported to the patient and her physician with in seven to ten days. Check out the list below to see when and where the van will be!



7/15/16 – Hampton Village – 60 Hampton Village, 63019

7/28/16 – Lindbergh – 10275 Clayton Road, 63124



08/11/16 – Chesterfield – 142 Hilltown Village, 63017

08/12/16 – Cross Keys – 13987 New Halls Ferry Rd, 63033

08/26/16 – Mid Rivers – 577 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, 63376

08/31/16 – Webster Groves – 8650 Big Bend, 63119



9/01/16 – Creve Coeur – 10650 Olive Street, 63141

9/02/16 – Westfall Plaza – 8037 W. Florissant, 63136

09/08/16 – Des Peres – 12232 Manchester, 63131

09/13/16 – Telegraph – 5519 Oakville Shopping Ctr, 63129



10/10/16 – Overland – 9074 Overland Plaza, 63114

10/17/16 – Webster Groves – 8650 Big Bend, 63119

10/21/16 – Ladue Crossings – 8867 Ladue Road, 63124



11/02/16 – Gravois – 7450 Hampton Ave, 63109

11/07/16 – Ballwin – 15425 Manchester Road, 63011

11/11/16 – Cross Keys – 13987 New Halls Ferry, 63033

12/02/16 – Richmond Center – 6600 Clayton Road, 63124



12/06/16- Overland – 9074 Overland Plaza, 63114

12/09/16 – Hampton Village – 60 Hampton Village, 63019

12/15/16 – Loughborough – 1020 Loughborough, 63111

12/29/16 – Cross Keys – 13987 New Halls Ferry, 63033

12/30/16 – Brentwood – 8800 Manchester Road, 63144

Schedule your appointment for the Siteman Cancer Center Mammography Van by calling

314-747-7222 or 800-600-3606

Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but once again, the summer flew by. Hard to believe the school year’s about to begin, though most parents look forward to returning to a routine. This includes packing a daily lunch that is anything but routine and ordinary. It can be a struggle to balance nutrition with your children’s ever-changing palate, not to mention their appetite which ebbs and flows as they grows.


Lunchtime allows kids time to relax, reboot and refresh. Giving kids a head start with the healthiest foods helps them sustain their energy and focus until dinnertime while developing healthy habits to last a lifetime

Follow these simple tips to put a smile on you and your child’s face:


1. Switch out sandwich breads

Try whole wheat tortillas, wraps and pita. These items freeze well, so stash a bag of each in the freezer and pull out a portion in the morning before preparing the sandwich. Other options: hot dog buns, mini bagels, rice cakes and crackers. Buy Bakery slider rolls to make a few mini sandwiches instead of one large sandwich.  Check out our recipe for Tuna Apple Tortilla Wraps


2. Play on protein

Fill the lunchbox with a hard-boiled egg, string cheese or cooked cocktail shrimp. Hummus and black bean dip spread on a tortilla with roasted or grilled veggies may not seem appealing, that is, until they eat it and discover how flavorful it tastes.


 3. Sneak in fruits and veggies wherever possible

Add sliced banana to peanut butter sandwiches, shredded apple into chicken salad or prepare a batch of mini muffins loaded with fresh or frozen blueberries or raspberries. Thinly slice cucumber and add to turkey or tuna sandwiches, add shredded carrots to sandwich wraps and substitute baby spinach leaves for iceberg lettuce.


4. Substitute chips with homemade snacks

For example, mix their favorite low-sugar breakfast cereal with raisins, dried cranberries and cherries, unsalted almonds, peanuts and walnuts. If necessary, add a few sweets like yogurt- or chocolate-covered dried fruit or small chocolate candies to make it more enticing. They may add some extra calories, but if it gets them to eat fiber-rich dried fruit and nuts, they’ll be better off.


5. Low Fat Popcorn

Kids love popcorn, and if you choose a low- or unsalted version without added fat, popcorn is a nutrition whole-grain snack. For flavor and added calcium, sprinkle warm popcorn with grated Parmesan cheese.


6. Mix Up Some Fresh Smoothies

Mix up some fruit or yogurt smoothies instead of milk. The options are endless, and it’s a great way to sneak fruit into their diet.


I don’t know about you guys, but summer is here and to me that means barbecues, swimming and my favorite, traveling. This summer I am headed to sunny California for the first time and let me just say, I am pumped! I can’t wait to learn how to surf, see the Hollywood walk of fame and the Pacific coast highway. While I know my trip will keep me busy, I don’t want it to deter me from all of the healthy habits I have developed over the years. An action-packed vacation means I am going to have to keep my energy levels top notch. I am a huge advocate of enjoying everything in moderation, but I try to keep it 50/50 on vacation so I can completely enjoy myself without being sluggish and ready to take a nap.

Vacation can completely throw travelers off of their healthy diet and lead to some nasty aftermath. Have you ever gone on vacation and completely thrown all of your best habits out the window to find yourself overindulging weeks to months afterwards? Let’s just say I have been there, done that and it is no picnic. Nowadays, I focus on eating 50% healthy and 50% of completely enjoying myself. Now, you are probably wondering what does that mean? Let me lay out the tricks I use when I am getting ready to head out of town:

1.Make a list and Check it Twice

Make a grocery list of healthy snacks to tide you over in between meals.


2. Pack some Breakfast

If you’re staying somewhere that doesn’t provide breakfast, buy some protein and granola bars to pack.


3. Map it out

Map out the nearest grocery store to your accommodations.


4. Utilize the Fridge

Keep your hotel fridge loaded with water and veggies. Also, have protein rich snacks such as Greek yogurt, nuts or peanut butter.


5. Keep a cooler

If you are traveling by car on a cross-country trip, hit up your local Schnucks and shop beforehand for healthy snacks.


6. Make breakfast and lunch healthier

Make sure half your plate is filled with fruits and veggies or a delicious salad and drink a ton of water.


7. Try Something Active

During those vacations when you just want to lounge all day, focus on getting a walk on the beach or do a little swimming in the ocean….anything to get your heart pumping!


8. Enjoy Yourself

Try local restaurants and new foods. Don’t be too hard on yourself!



Look for all of these good-for-you-ingredients throughout our stores!


Whole Grains

Whole Grains contain more protein than other grains and provide more vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, iron and zinc. Look for whole grains such as quinoa, wheatberries and wild rice, to name a few!

Collection of grain, cereal, seed, bean


Green Leafy Veggies

Loaded with nutrients! Kale is a nutrient powerhouse and has a host of health benefits for vision, heart, cancer and bone health. Spinach is an excellent source of fiber and one of the highest sources of lutein, which helps protect eyes.

Raw Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard



An excellent source of plant protein and fiber. They also provide other key nutrients like iron, zinc, folate and potassium.



Fruits & Veggies

Eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies gives your body a variety of nutrients to help perform its daily functions. The different colors represent different nutrients, so eat a variety of colors for optimal health and vitality.



Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices are a great way to add flavor and reduce the need for added salt.

Herb and Spice Selection