Grains & Rice

Christmas Ham Golden Fried Rice

30-Minute Dinner, Dinner, Grains & Rice

Who doesn’t love fried rice? This recipe is perfect for taking that delicious holiday ham and recreating it into another mouthwatering meal.


Grains & Rice, Side Dish, Vegetable

Jollof is a flavor-filled rice dish that combines various vegetables and seasonings into one. This serves as a great side dish option!

Grilled Chicken & Quinoa Grain Bowl with Curry Vinaigrette

Chicken, Good For You, Grains & Rice, Grilling, Health & Wellness
1H 45M

This recipe combines grilled chicken, quinoa and curry vinaigrette to give you a hearty and healthy meal. Turmeric, a spice commonly found in curry powder, also adds a mix of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to keep you feeling strong and energized.

Midwestern Jollof-Style Rice

Budget Friendly, Dinner, Grains & Rice, Side Dish, Stovetop

Serve this Nigerian-inspired rice as a side or add cooked meat, fish and/or vegetables to make it the main course.

Slow Cooker Frijoles Negros with Rice

Dinner, Grains & Rice, Slow Cooker
9H 30M

Spice up your life with this slow cooker recipe.

Spicy Citrus Salmon With Quinoa and Broccolini

30-Minute Dinner, Dinner, Good For You, Grains & Rice, Health & Wellness, Seafood

Get your daily dose of Omega 3’s with our Spicy Citrus Salmon with Quinoa and Broccolini Recipe. Learn how to make it here!

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