Coca-Cola Beef Brisket

Beef, Dinner, Game Day, One-Pot Wonder, Oven-Baked
3H 48M

Add Coca-Cola to your slow-cooked beef brisket. Not only will it add amazing flavor, but it also helps to create tender and juicy brisket. Perfect to enjoy while cheering on your hometown baseball team this summer!

Baked Feta Pasta

Cheese, Oven-Baked, Pasta & Pizza

We’re following the TikTok trend with this recipe that’s easy, cheesy and full of flavor. You feta believe it!

Sausage with White Beans and Tomatoes

Dinner, One-Pot Wonder, Oven-Baked, Pork, Taste Of Italy
1H 5M

Who said Italian night has to include pasta? This sheet-pan meal has tomatoes, onions, garlic and Italian sausage–classic flavors you expect in an Italian meal–and it’s warm and comforting, too.

Sheet Pan Chicken & Mango Fajitas

30-Minute Dinner, Chicken, Cinco de Mayo, Health & Wellness, One-Pot Wonder, Oven-Baked, Sandwiches, Tacos & Wraps

Add mango to this one-pan dinner to create a nutritious, well-balanced meal. Not only does it include each food group, but it comes wrapped in an easy-to-eat taco with minimal cleanup.

Cajun Salmon with Strawberry Pico

30-Minute Dinner, Dinner, Health & Wellness, Oven-Baked, Seafood, Summer, Valentine's Day

This dish is loaded with healthy omega-3 fats from the salmon and avocado to provide a feeling of fullness and have been shown to support a healthy heart.

Robust Rub Boneless Delmonico Rib Eye Roast

Beef, Dinner, Easter, Oven-Baked
2H 15M

A robust rub gives a boneless Delmonico rib eye roast extra flavorful for a special occasion dinner. Follow this easy recipe for robustly seasoned beef cooked to perfection.

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