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Wonderful Winter Drinks

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Make the most of the chilly temps and shorter days with wines and beers that shine in the winter season (plus, NA options for those participating in Dry January)!

To make the most of the chilly temps and shorter days, we’ve rounded up a list of wines* that shine in the winter season: full-bodied reds, buttery whites and some bubbles for good measure. Enjoy these winter drinks because we’ll all be enjoying margaritas by the pool soon enough!


*Not 100% on the vino program? Read on for some winter beer greatest hits and even some NA options for all of you embracing Dry January.

Warming Winter Wines


While not for the faint of heart (or palate!), a big, brooding and boozy Shiraz will warm you up in a hurry. Many varieties of Shiraz lean toward the savory side with notes of blueberry, cured meats, coffee and smoke. Enjoy with grilled meats while in cozy socks by a roaring fireplace.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This might be an obvious choice, but can you ever really know all about Cab Sauvs? While it is a great eating companion, it is also layered and complex in a way that allows you to continuously rediscover it. This is a pitch perfect pairing for all that stick-to-your-ribs winter fare.


If you’re looking for a post-holiday eggnog alternative, a rich, buttery Chardonnay may just be the way forward. It’s vanilla, butter and caramel notes are best friends with some of the most delicious parts of winter eating: creamy soups, creamy pasta sauces and decadent fondue. Who needs spring, when you have dairy?


Bubbles cure winter blues and Champagne deserves to be enjoyed all year long, not just for New Years! This sophisticated choice pairs surprisingly well with simple, salty snacks. Champagne with chips, popcorn, roasted nuts and your latest Netflix binge is all you need for a perfect stay-at-home night this winter.


If you’re new to Port, dip your toe in with a Ruby variety before jumping into Vintage and Tawny Ports. Port’s rich and concentrated flavors beg to be sipped after a winter meal alongside chocolate truffles, black forest cake and crème brulée.


If you’ve resolved to eat more pizza in the new year (and really, who hasn’t), then you’ve resolved to drink more Sangiovese. It’s earthy and rustic and will go well with all sorts of winter fare, but due to its high acidity, it stands up to tomato sauce, cuts through the cheese and is a great complement to meat or roast vegetable toppings. Pizza + Wine to ease into ‘22.


This is a wine that you can hunker down and wait out winter with. It is very drinkable, richly satisfying and has a cherry tang that makes it a natural partner for all things tomato-based. Embrace this wine’s Italian heritage by curling up with it and a big bowl of pasta with red sauce and watch the snowflakes drift by.


Sherry comes in a wide variety of styles from light and dry to rich and sticky sweet. When enjoying it this winter, stick to heavier and darker styles that are better equipped to stand up to stews and roasted or smoked meats.


Break into this classically flowery white wine when late winter has got you down. It is basically springtime in a glass with its peach, tangerine and honeysuckle flavors. Maybe a little deviation from the theme, but sometimes you gotta bring (drink?) your own sunshine!

Classic Winter Beers

Be sure to check out all the latest seasonal brews at your local Schnucks! But, you can always count on these classics for winter.


Full and creamy to the taste, a stout is the perfect beer to sip on a cold night. Dark in color and roasty in flavor with notes of coffee, licorice and chocolate, curl up with a warm blanket and a stout and embrace that winter hibernation.


Known for its deep ruby brown color and dark malts, a Porter is one of the heaviest styles of beer and perfect to drink in the cooler months when you need something to warm your insides.


An Imperial is simply a big beer in terms of both flavor and alcohol. When balanced well, these beers are a flavor bonanza and go well with bigger, richer, sweeter flavors: beef stew, chocolate cake and truffle fries. In other words, dream winter meals.

Dry January Drinks

Holding off until February to enjoy the above winter offerings? With so many mocktail options and NA offerings on the market, you can still join the party!

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Check out some of the nonalcoholic beer offerings at your local Schnucks!