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Types of Pork Ribs


Pork ribs came in three basic cuts – back ribs, spare ribs, and country-style ribs – depending on the section of the hog where they originated. 

Ribs are a cut of pork (or beef, etc.) from the loin or side between the shoulder and back legs. Pork ribs come in three basic cuts – back ribs, spare ribs, and country-style ribs – depending on the section of the hog where they originated. 

A special cut of spare ribs, formalized by the USDA as “Pork Ribs, St. Louis Style,” are cut in a particular way with the sternum bone, cartilage and rib tips removed so that a well-formed, rectangular-shaped rack is created for presentation. The name St. Louis style ribs allegedly originated from numerous meat-packing plants located in the St. Louis area in the mid-20th century and although it was against the norm to use geographical terms to name a specific cut of meat, a diehard fan of the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team with the U.S. Department of Agriculture put the policy into place regardless.

Baby Back Ribs

Cut from the top portion of the rib cage, baby back ribs are shorter than spare ribs (hence, the name "baby") and are the most lean and tender ribs.

Spare Ribs

Cut from the belly, spare ribs have longer bones and less meat than baby backs, but are considered by some to have a richer flavor.

St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs

Spare ribs trimmed of rib tips and brisket flap gives this cut a uniform rectangular shape.

Country-Style Ribs

Located in front of the baby back ribs, near the shoulder blade, this style of ribs is the meatiest variety. However, this cut is not actually from the ribs and instead is more of a pork chop.

How to Cook Ribs

All types of ribs cook best slowly on low heat to achieve the super tender meat we all love. These recipes will help you master cooking your favorite type of pork ribs.

St. Louis-Style Ribs with Tangy Tomato BBQ Sauce

Father's Day, Grilling, Pork
2 H

Enjoy delicious St. Louis-style ribs and homemade tangy tomato BBQ sauce. 

Sheri’s Ribs

Dinner, Grilling, Pork
1H 30M

Prepared with a rib rub and finishing glaze, this rib recipe will easily be a crowd favorite for any occasion.

Boneless Hoisin Ribs

Dinner, Oven-Baked, Pork

Hoisin sauce is a spicy-sweet barbecue sauce with an Asian twist. Paired with boneless country style ribs that have a high meat-to-fat ratio makes these ribs naturally juicy and sweet.

Root Beer Ribs

4th of July, Dinner, Grilling, Pork
2H 10M

Root beer is the secret ingredient in this recipe resulting in a irresistible slight vanilla-molasses taste.

Southwest Baby Back Ribs with Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Dinner, Game Day, Grilling, Pork

Citrus flavor from the oranges and heat from the chipotle chile peppers combine into one amazing sauce that sets these ribs apart from any other recipe you have tried before.

Cage-Free Ribs

Dinner, Halloween, Pork
1H 30M

Nice to “meat” you.

BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Marinades

Pair any type of ribs with one of these sauces, rubs or marinades to add bold and delicious flavors.

Doris Schnuck’s Famous Barbecue Sauce

Beef, Grilling, Pork, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

Try our signature pork steak with Doris Schnuck’s famous BBQ sauce.

Homemade Signature BBQ Sauce

Dinner, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

Sometimes it pays to make something from scratch. Use this sweet and tangy barbecue sauce for your grilled meats, baked beans, dipping sauce, or even pizza sauce!

Calypso Rub

Dinner, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

Find an authentic sweet and spicy island flavor using our Calypso rub recipe. This excellent pairing for pork, poultry and seafood will take you away to the Caribbean.

Teriyaki Marinade

Dinner, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

This sweet and tangy marinade is the perfect recipe to keep on hand for beef, pork or poultry.

Blueberry Molasses BBQ Sauce

Beef, Grilling, Pork, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

The sweetness of molasses and blueberries come together in this sauce to create a unique flavor perfect for pork.

Southwest Marinade

Dinner, Sauces, Jams & Marinades

Looking to spice things up? This Southwest Marinade will add flavor and a little bit of heat to your beef, pork, poultry or seafood.