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Top 16 Summer Food Items in the Lou


Tell us you’re from St. Louis without telling us you’re from St. Louis… show us your shopping cart and we’ll help you fill it with our summer favorites. The adventure begins at Schnucks, where you’ll always find surprises in store!

Tell us you’re from St. Louis without telling us you’re from St. Louis… show us your shopping cart and we’ll help you fill it with our summer favorites.
The adventure begins at Schnucks, where you’ll always find surprises in store!

Add St. Louis Summer Items

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

It’s orchard freshness with in-store convenience! We count on the Eckert family for the finest peaches in the Midwest! Our buyers choose local farmers like Chris Eckert because their peaches are tree ripened for that “just picked” flavor you’ll taste in every bite.

Coming to Schnucks Produce Department soon.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

St. Louis humidity brings the thirst out in all of us. Which one is your favorite? We have so many delicious flavors, but Dr. Lou, Fruit Punch and Red Cream are customer favorites. We also have Zero and Diet Cola available!

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Budweiser released a new patriotic can design to salute our military and it’s now sold in our stores for a limited time. $1 from each case sold supports Folds of Honor. The cans have red, white and blue flag designs. The taste of freedom wouldn’t be possible without those who defend it!

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

A taste of St. Louis has never been easier. You just have to grill ’em and eat ’em — toppings are optional but certainly not necessary.

Try our 7 loaded burgers that are packed with ingredients: Philly Style, Bacon Cheddar, Chef’s Burger Mignon, Portobello Swiss, Jalapeno Jack, Blacken Blue, Garden Turkey.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

The best St. Louis memories are made when we just wing it! Try our breaded or boneless wings in our signature spicy glazed sauce. Our wings are tossed in the most amazing sweet and spicy glaze. Just be sure to ask for plenty of napkins...or lick your fingers - we won’t tell!

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Lookie, lookie...fresh baked cookies. We have lots of chewy, delicious cookies - baked in store daily. For larger summer gatherings, you can try our cookie trays instore or a personalized 12” inch cookie cake.

Each of these options can be customized with certain colors or flavors when you call-ahead at least 72 hours in advance.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Our bubbles have more fun...These canned sparkling waters offer a touch of sweetness with no artificial flavors or colors - just refreshing goodness, which makes it great for sipping on its own, or pairing it with your favorite summer cocktail.

Try all 5 flavors: Lime, Strawberry, Original, Grapefruit or Orange.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Is it St. Louis without this staple? Our bakers start preparing this recipe early in the morning. Summer like a St. Louisan includes a local favorite, from taste and texture, you’ll love our famous Gooey Butter Cake.

Did you know? National Gooey Butter Cake Day was created by Schnucks and is celebrated on 8/12 ( “ate one too”)? Look for our Red, White and Gooey (it’s our patriotic version with raspberry and blueberry filling) flavor this Memorial Day & 4th of July and Strawberry Gooey Butter Cake - all baked fresh in store.

Also, another exciting variety will be coming later this summer! We sell it by the slice or grab an entire pan to share with your favorite friends. And try this Fireside Treat for s’more fun! Some other treats to try for your outdoor gathering are our Gooey Butter 8” pies or Gooey Butter Cake cookies (original or strawberry flavor).

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

On that note… I scream. You Scream. We all scream for ice cream. We all have our favorite but there’s only one flavor that’s a St. Louis Favorite! Well… Could you resist Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream on a hot, summer day? We can’t! We have folded our classic gooey butter cake pieces and butter crumb swirls into our creamy gooey butter ice cream.

Some of our other favorite flavors include Coffee & Donuts, Cotton Candy, Frosted Sugar Cookie and Fire & Ice.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Seriously. Our signature recipe Fried Chicken is so good you’ll serve it as your own! We won’t tell. At Schnucks, we start with fresh, never frozen chicken, then hand toss it in our special blend of seasonings and double bread it. Then, we fry it to a golden-brown perfection. Just try and tell us your mouth isn’t watering. (napkins optional)

OR, it's no secret that our Rotisserie Chicken provides endless possibilities for busy summer nights and did you know? It's raised right here in the Midwest.

So go on, pick up a rotisserie chicken or some fried chicken on your way home and put dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Shhhhhh! These are the best kept secret pick...our Schnucks tortilla chips made fresh in store DAILY. These soon-to-be-your-favorite fresh-made tortilla chips are ideal for dipping in fresh, summer salsa and dips! Find them in our Deli department.

Need a large quantity? Call ahead and place an order with a Deli teammate.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Sauce it up this summer! It’s the time of year when the temperatures and grills start to heat up. Pair your local favorite with your grilling favorite for a winning combination.
Braggin’ Rights is our barbecue sauce that is crafted in small batches and inspired by the world’s tastiest barbecue. Our St. Louis style Braggin’ Rights sauce is a blend of three smokes and golden molasses.

We also have partnered with local businesses to include some of our favorite Midwest Made sauces featuring Sugarfire, Pappy’s, Reggies, Stubbs, Uncle Joe’s, 17th Street, Super Smokers, Maull’s, Sybergs, Famous Daves, Sticky Pig and many more.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Every city has their favorite, but there's nothing like that first bite of St. Louis style pizza to bring you home. Did you know that you can get Gioia’s famous St. Louis Style thin crust pizzas in our frozen aisle? The 3 pizza varieties are:

  • The Original: Gioia’s Famous Hot Salami & Cheese
  • The Big Italian: Gioia’s Famous Hot Salami, Pepperoni & Cheese
  • The Hot Salami on Gioia’s Garlic Cheese Crust: This is the same sauce Gioia’s uses on its popular garlic cheese bread
Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Our traditional bratwurst is made fresh in store with beer. What kind of beer do we use on an everyday basis, you ask? Busch. Beer. Each bratwurst is stuffed in natural casings, the beer of choice is added with our signature seasonings, hand-mixed and linked by our butchers. We partner with local breweries throughout our markets to utilize their beer to explore flavors for our bratwurst recipe.

For example, special edition Budweiser beer is used to help support Folds of Honor, Schlafly’s Oktoberfest beer is used during Oktoberfest and many other varieties each summer.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

Living during the Great Depression, Anna Donovan “Mom” Schnuck was looking for a place to sell her potato salad - a family favorite that accompanied many meals and was shared with friends and neighbors.

You can find the original recipe here. This dish makes an excellent side to your summer grilling favorites.

Summer Must-Have Item Checklist

What would summer be without pork steaks? Well, we’ll never know thanks to Don and Ed Schnuck! In the 1950s, Don and Ed wanted to offer a cut of meat for grilling that was inexpensive enough to fit every family’s budget. True innovators, they cut a pork shoulder, one-half inch thick and grilled it. And with that--the pork steak was born! (Or as we say in St. Louis, “the pork steak was barrrn.”)

And there you have it, St. Louis. Dr. Lou. Gooey Butter Cake. Gioia’s. Pork Steaks and potato salad. Can we come over?