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Soak Up the Sun

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Get out, get active, and bask in the beneficial rays of summer days.

Get out, get active, and bask in the beneficial rays of summer days.


Warm weather and sunshine mean the gym is anywhere you want it to be—along with the added benefits of fresh air and vitamin D. Go for a bike ride, find a hiking trail or just take a walk around the neighborhood. Toss a blanket on the ground for a sun-soaked yoga session. Even yard work (like mowing the lawn or pulling weeds) does double duty to keep your body moving.


Check in on any equipment before taking it for a spin. Air up your bike’s tires, test the brakes and make sure the chain is clean and lubricated (or take it to your local shop for a tune-up). If you’ve already spent a season or two in your workout shoes, now is a great time to invest in a fresh pair. Finally, examine your waterproof gear and apply a new coat of water-resistant spray to keep it functioning like new.


Thirsty? You’re dehydrated. When spending an extended period of time in the sun, our bodies lose water at an increased rate. Therefore, it’s important to restore these fluids in a timely fashion. Start by drinking plenty of water, even before exercising (opt for drinks rich in electrolytes during intense workouts). It’s also important to hydrate after exercising to replace the body fluid you lose when you sweat.


We need more than water to sustain prolonged outdoor activity; foods that provide a balance of carbs, fat and protein are also crucial for keeping the mind and body fully charged. If you’ll be on the go, consider portability when planning your meals. Pack crush-resistant snacks like nuts, trail mix and protein bars; swap bread for tortillas; and choose hardy produce like apples, carrots and broccoli.

Keen on Sunscreen

Although the sun’s rays offer great benefits like vitamin D, it’s important to keep your skin protected. Make sure to apply a minimum of 30 SPF sunscreen before any fun in the sun!