Grocery Shopping with Your Kids

Let’s shake up the shopping trip!
Take grocery shopping to the next level with these fun games while you have little shoppers tagging along with you!

Supermarket Bingo

Numbers are replaced with Schnucks grocery store items kids have to find to complete their card. You can make your own cards ahead of time or find pre-made empty Bingo cards online. Instead of going for a single across or down bingo, have the kids mark off every item on their card and keep them interested from first aisle to last. Once all items are checked off, they win!

Board Book Match-Up

For younger children, bring one of their ABC board books and try to find real-life examples of the things pictured on the pages. Unlike the Bingo game above, it doesn’t have to be limited to grocery items. The match-up can include kinds of people (grandmother, butcher) or things people have with them (umbrella, baseball hat, purse). Give a sticker for each item they match, and see how many they end up collecting!

Captain Cart Filler

Designate your child the Captain Cart Filler and let them put everything into the cart by either taking it from the shelf themselves or by handing items to them. This is great for kids who either are, or think they are, too big to sit in the cart!

Aisle Get It

If you have older kids and are using coupons, team them up. Give each kid a few coupons. They are responsible to find those items. Since most coupons have a picture of the item, they should come back with the right things. Make it more challenging by asking them to remember which numbered aisle each item came from.


Have your kid keep a running tab of your grocery bill in their head as you make your way through the store. First, it’ll keep their mind busy trying to remember the current total. Second, it can possibly help you stay on budget! If they come within a certain dollar amount, they win!