5 Ways to Add Schnucks Sparkling Water to Cooking

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our ever-growing line of Schnucks products: Schnucks Sparkling Water.

Schnucks Sparkling Water comes in a variety of delicious flavors including pure, lime, orange, grapefruit, berry and lemon. There are no artificial flavors or colors, no sweeteners, no calories and every variety is sodium-free. Schnucks Sparkling Water is just as refreshing as any other brand with the added benefit of being refreshingly kind to your budget.

Sparkling water is a great thirst quencher, but did you know you can do a lot more with sparkling water than drink it?

5 ways Schnucks Sparkling Water can be added to your cooking

• Substitute one part milk with one part Schnucks Pure Flavor Sparkling Water to make your pancakes, waffles and crepes lighter and fluffier than ever.

• Use Schnucks Pure Flavor Sparkling Water in your cake recipe and create the lightest, moistest cake you’ve ever tasted.

• Cook vegetables in boilingSchnucks Pure Flavor Sparkling Water; they’ll stay crunchy while keeping their vibrant color. Do the same with pasta and your elbow, angel hair and bowtie will have a lighter texture.

• Marinate meats in Schnucks Pure Flavor Sparkling Water for softer, juicier cuts of meat. Work your chosen spices and seasoning into the meat as usual, but then let it sit in sparkling water for about 30 minutes.

• Schnucks Sparkling Water goes great with a lot of adult beverages, but it’s also great for making iced tea not only bubbly but more refreshing. Go crazy with the flavors!