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Get Hip to Hydration

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Did you know that if you’re feeling thirsty. you’re already dehydrated? These helpful tips and tasty drink options can help keep you hydrated!

Did you know that if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated? It can be difficult to stay hydrated when you’re out, active and enjoying the hot summer sun.
Follow these helpful hydration tips and tasty drink options to help keep you and your family hydrated all summer.

Get Out, Get Active, Stay Hydrated

When spending an extended period of time in the sun, our bodies lose water at an increased rate. Therefore, it’s important to restore these fluids in a timely fashion. Start by drinking plenty of water, even before exercising (opt for drinks rich in electrolytes during intense workouts). It’s also important to hydrate after exercising to replace the body fluid you lose when you sweat.

Healthful Hydration

While we will always recommend water for hydrating, sometimes you need a little more flavor. Any of these drinks give you the flavor you’re looking for without breaking your healthy habits.


Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Drinks aren’t the only way to quench a thirst; consider water-rich produce such as melons, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and celery. Pick up Schnucks Shortcuts, prepped fresh in store, for a simpler way to serve up these hydrating snacks!


Pack the Cooler

Keep your soirée going strong by choosing beverages that maximize fun in the summer sun such as light summery alcoholic beverages and healthy hydrating mixers.


Hydration Station

Hosting a get-together? Create a designated drink station for guests to help themselves. It also serves as a great landing spot for host gifts and any drinks guests might bring to share. Make sure your station includes these three essentials.

Ice Bucket

Plenty of Ice

The number one essential for any outdoor get-together? Ice–and plenty of it! Fill an ice bucket to keep near the drinks for easy access.

Booze and Mixers

Booze + Mixers

Even if guests are BYOB-ing, it’s still good to have some drink essentials on hand. A couple of alcohol and mixer options allow guests to make their own cocktails. And fresh lime wedges never hurt!

Schnucks Soda

Virgin Options

It’s important to stock up on non-alcoholic options as well. Schnucks sodas, flavored sparkling waters and Culinaria artisinal Italian sodas are great options on their own or jazzed up in a mocktail.