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Dog Days of Summer

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Prepare perfectly grilled hot dogs and top with your favorite combinations. We have some ideas to spark creativity in making a unique dog for everyone.

Start creating your masterpiece by first preparing perfectly grilled hot dogs. Prepare the grill for two-zone cooking. Add hot dogs to grill over indirect heat. Cover and cook until warmed through, turning occasionally, 4-6 minutes. Move to direct heat and cook until desired doneness. Next, choose your toppings to start dressing your dogs. Below are several ideas to spark creativity in making a unique dog for everyone.

  1. Buffalo Blue

    • shredded carrot and celery tossed with blue cheese dressing
    • blue cheese
    • Schnucks hot sauce
    • chives
  2. Grilled Hawaiian

    • mayo + soy sauce
    • grilled onion
    • grilled jalapeƱo
    • grilled pineapple
  3. Cookout

    • baked beans
    • Schnucks mustard potato salad
    • Schnucks wavy potato chips
    • yellow mustard
  4. Reuben

    • Swiss cheese
    • sauerkraut
    • pickle
    • Schnucks Thousand Island dressing
    • celery salt
  5. Street Corn

    • grilled corn
    • feta cheese
    • mayo + lime juice
    • cilantro
    • chili powder
    • serve on corn tortilla
  6. PB&J

    • peanut butter
    • cream cheese
    • pepper jelly
    • cooked bacon
    • chopped peanuts