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DIY Wine Tasting

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A wine tasting is a great way to explore your taste in wine. Follow our Wine Tasting Guide for a simple step-by-step process for hosting a tasting party!

A wine tasting is a great way to explore and discover your taste in wine! Can you tell the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $100 bottle of wine? Do you prefer an oaked or unoaked Chardonnay? Tastings allow you to compare wines of the same varietal from different regions or different price points or different wines from the same region or same winemaking method style to find out.

The first step is to pick the wines you want to taste. The best way to do that is to decide on a theme. Here are some options:

  • same wine/different region
  • same region/different wine
  • same wine/different price
  • same wine/different winemaking method

The wine tasting method consists of four steps - look, smell, taste and rate.

When you look at the wine, you’ll note its opaqueness, color and viscosity.

  • Can you see through it?
  • How deep or light is the color?
  • same wine/different price
  • Is the wine thick or watery? Does it “have legs” – the droplets that to the side of the glass indicating the wine’s level of alcohol and sugar content?

When you smell a wine, you’ll note its aromas. This is where you get specific and describe the smells you’re detecting – earthy, oaky, fruity, etc.

  • What kind of fruit do you smell?
  • Does it have a hint of herbs or spices?
  • Can you detect a cedar or other wood-like scent?
  • Does it have any floral aromas?

When you taste a wine, you’ll note its flavors and its structure.

  • Does the wine taste salty or sweet? Sour or bitter?
  • Is it balanced? Or too acidic? Too tannic?
  • What taste sensation does it leave on your palate? Dry? Oily? Prickly?

Compile and compare notes to rate the wines you taste and track over time to learn more about the wines you drink and prefer!

Tip: between each wine you taste, make sure to cleanse your palate with neutral-flavored foods that lack a strong aftertaste, such as bread, crackers, celery, tortilla chips, apples or pineapple.