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Delicious & Nutritious Seafood Facts


Enrich your mind and body with nutritious, delicious seafood.

Fish is full of benefits for both the mind and body. Did you know these five seafood nutrition facts?

Nourishing Nutrients

Seafood is packed with nutrients like healthy omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA), vitamins D and B-12, iron and other minerals such as selenium, zinc and iodine. It is recommended that adults consume at least two 4-ounce servings per week.

A Bright Idea

Give your brain a boost with seafood. DHA omega-3 fats provide fuel for the mind to function efficiently. Consuming DHA can help improve memory and prevent cognitive decline. Research also shows that eating fish regularly can help lower risk of depression in adults.

Heart Healthy

The omega-3 fats found in seafood aren’t just great for our brains—but our bodies, too. They support cardiovascular health by lowering the risk of heart disease. EPA helps reduce swelling and inflammation while regulating blood flow from the heart.

Benefits for Baby

Consuming fish (up to 12 ounces per week) is especially beneficial for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition to supporting the mother’s health, a seafood-rich diet can also positively impact their child’s IQ, vision and nervous system.

Minimize Mercury

Large fish tend to contain higher levels of mercury, which can be toxic over time (especially to unborn babies and infants). Avoid seafood like shark, swordfish and ahi tuna—opting instead for lower-mercury varieties like salmon, sardines and trout.