December 12, 2016

Eggs On The Go

Posted In: Breakfast

Written by Daniel Puma

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day is also the hardest meal of the day for us all to find the time to eat, much less eat something healthy. Many people value sleep over breakfast, so we tend to leave ourselves just enough time to get ready and out the door for work, sacrificing a healthy, hearty meal to start the day.

A portable breakfast made from real ingredients can go a long way to setting up the day for success. Here are a few recipes designed to get you out of the door with a delicious breakfast, and not ruin your work clothes. Many of these recipes are designed to be made ahead of time and used as a heat-and-go option throughout the week.


Mini Quiches

Skip the crumbly carb-laden crust and opt for this option. The quiche mixture is baked in muffin tins to create a no-mess advantage for eating breakfast on the run. Additionally, these mini quiches are easy to customize with your own favorite flavors and ingredients.


Corned Beef Hash Egg Cups

A personal breakfast favorite, corned beef hash has been a diner and brunch mainstay for years. The classic breakfast gets a makeover in design with this recipe. The hash is pressed into the cups of a muffin tin, creating a vessel to contain the egg. The end result is familiar flavors in a portable package.


Avocado Toast w/ Eggs

A healthy breakfast is the foundation for many productive days. This breakfast has it all; whole grain bread to fill you up, eggs for protein and nutrient-dense avocado. The eggs can be made in advance to make morning assembly a breeze.


Breakfast Burritos

These make-ahead burritos are perfect for freezing and heating whenever needed. The combination of hearty ingredients wrapped up in an easy to eat tortilla makes this burrito recipe is an ideal option for on-the-go eating.


Breakfast Empanada

Many countries have their version of a hand pie. In many Spanish and Latin American countries, the empanada reigns supreme. This pocket pastry can be filled with just about anything you desire, so why not breakfast.