Bring Home The Bacon

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Written by Daniel Puma

Bacon. Not much more needs to be said. Many of us have a love affair with bacon, and it can be difficult to comprehend those who don’t. It’s meaty, salty, smoky and depending on how you like it cooked, crispy or chewy. The meaty treat comes in numerous styles from Applewood smoked to hickory smoked, thick cut to center cut and low sodium to pepper crusted. It knows no boundaries – bacon is seen on breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert menus.

American bacon comes from pork belly. Yes, the same pork belly that has been trending on restaurant menus for almost a decade now. Pork belly is characterized by large streaks of pork fat intermittent with the flesh. A slab of pork belly is cured with either a dry or wet brine. From there it is normally smoked. During the curing and smoking, most bacon makers can customize and flavor the pork belly slab to their own unique specifications.

The beauty of bacon is it can be the feature of a dish, or a flavor component. The creativity potential of bacon is endless as seen by chefs and connoisseurs around the world.

To celebrate bacon and all of its awesome porkiness, we have compiled a list of our favorite recipes.


Bacon Weave for Sandwiches

Have you ever bit into a bacon cheeseburger, only to not get any bacon because it wasn’t covering every inch of bitable real estate? Enter the bacon weave. By using this technique, your next sandwich will have bacon – and happiness – in every bite.


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Honey Mustard Glaze

One of the wonderful things about bacon is the ability to be wrapped around foods, surrounding it in a warm embrace of porky goodess. This salt and smoke of the bacon permeates the dish, but is balance by the sweet honey and acidic mustard.


Praline Bacon

This sweet snack is perfect for the holiday season. Smoky, crispy bacon holds up to the sweet brown sugar and crunchy pecans. You could eat this for dessert, or as a snack.


Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Maple and bacon; a match made in heaven. It’s the new peas and carrots, the modern peanut butter and jelly. These cupcakes are a beautiful medium to bring these two flavors together in harmony. Pillowy cupcakes topped with sweet maple frosting and a crispy bacon topping will be enough to make anyone shed a tear of happiness.


Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese

These are a great crowd-pleaser party food. The sweet dates are stuffed with tangy goat cheese before being wrapped in bacon and cooked until the bacon is crispy. It’s a balance of textures and flavors wrapped up in delicious, bite-sized morsels.